The Prosperous Leader Course

"The Prosperous Leadership course" shares best practices, tools and theories every leader needs in order to examine their own unique individual strengths (and weaknesses) so that they can build and maximize their strengths (and mitigate their weaknesses). This also allows you the leader to chart your own path to success, while learning the most effective skills you need to improve and develop your own leadership and management capabilities. These tools and techniques are time tested, that I have been using for over 10 years with organizations large and small.
The Prosperous Leader Course


Executive Coordinator

"Mr. Engel assisted our non- profit organization during an expansion of services and departments. He led us through the steps of developing policies and plans while demonstrating good communication and management techniques. Mr. Engel is very knowledgeable in this industry and has the ability to offer specialized guidance relevant to the culture of the organization. As a professional he offers keen insights discreetly and with warmth and respect.
He has coordinated and delivered excellent management and leadership workshops catering to the executive and business needs of the Orthodox Jewish community."

Aron T

Let me tell you why Jacob’s training is different than any other training you’ve ever attended. You will walk out of a session with real skills and tools that you can put to effective use immediately, rather than vague and theoretical concepts that are impractical at best! Books upon books have been written on effective time management, successful selling, how to retain customers and staff, etc. and in many cases each book recommends different, and sometimes even contradictory approaches. How does one choose which approach really works and produces results?
The answer is Jacob Engel, founder of Yeda LLC. He has spent years researching various approaches, understanding the science behind the successful ones, and testing the various methodologies in real working environments until he was satisfied with proven results. Jacob then created a cohesive curriculum - the classes complement each other and build on each other. Bottom line: rest assured that the training you take at Yeda is the best of the best.

Doniel Kester
Fast ForWord Learning International LLC

My company sells educational software to parents. Although it is world famous, it is expensive and new in our community. We thought that it would be very simple to sell it because we have the exclusive marketing rights on the product and so many people need it. However, it is never that simple. People give thousands of excuses for not buying something and it was just not selling properly. I turned to Jacob Engel and the Sandler Training course for training.
The course was highly informative and also a lot of fun! I took all my sales staff there and however much we thought we knew before about sales, we realized we knew nothing! It is highly effective, easily adaptable to any business model and product, and I highly recommend it.

Leora Schick, Founder @zeldamatildakid

Starting my own business has been one of the most terrifying endeavors I have ever undertaken. In the beginning I made more mistakes than I did things right. I didn’t have any previous business knowledge and lacked a guide to help me answer the questions. Sometimes it felt like I was drowning in decisions I didn’t know how to make. Other times, I thought I knew what I was doing, and put tremendous efforts into projects that could have easily been outsourced. Which would have allowed me to be more productive and accomplish things that would bring more money into my business. Having Jacob Engel as my business mentor and Coach has taught me to work smart, not just to work hard. He has given me the clarity to be goal oriented and to stay on the correct course of action. I am so grateful for the expertise and guidance I’ve gotten from Mr. Engel. I can honestly say that without him my business wouldn’t be where it is today.

Rabbi Nachum Scheiner

I recommend you like crazy !!!!!

Shaina Keren

Taking Jacob's course has been the cornerstone to my success - in running my own business, coaching other business leaders, as well as leaders-to-be. Gaining such practical wisdom, timeless advice, and useful application methods, all delivered in Jacobs signature style of clarity, humor, and insightfulness, was time very well spent.

Eli Cohen, CEO Elcom Communications

I took his leadership course and it was full of amazing knowledge that can transform your business and personal life. His style and delivery is interesting and easy to understand. It was the highlight of the week and I always looked forward to coming even though I had to travel an hour and a half to attend. Most of all, he is a very kind-hearted person who goes the extra mile.